• Our work to improve Deaf Education in Zambia

  • Current Projects


    Teacher Training

    Quality education

    A team is developing a comprehensive, researched-based curriculum to train highly qualified and quality teachers of the Deaf.

    School for the Deaf

    Improving Schools

    A team is working to expand the Jennifer Memorial School from 7 classrooms to a fully-developed K-12 school with a dormitory building to accommodate all students with facility for teachers

    ZSL Interpreting

    Improving access

    A team is developing and establishing national standards for Zambian Sign Language Interpreters. They are developing a high quality interpreter program.

    ZSL Dictionary

    Increasing Language

    A team has updated a Zambian Sign Language with current information that reflects the true language ad can help standardize and spread it.

    Zambian Deaf Haven

    Protecting our community

    We are actively raising funds to establish a safe place for vulnerable Deaf women throughout Zambia.

    Sister School

    Global Community

    We are launching our first Sister School program between Mid-Penninsula High School in California and the Jennifer Memorial in Kitwe, Zambia.

    Zambian Deaf Education Summit

    Biennial event at the center of our work

    We are preparing for our 2nd summit in summer 2020. We will bring together vital leaders from across the country to implement our ongoing work.

  • The future holds endless opportunities

    GBCZ is always open to new projects and partnerships

    Giving Back To Community - Zambia is a registered non-profit corporation founded to work on the following types of projects:

    1.  Identifying current education resources available for Deaf children and youth in Zambia
    2.  Building partnerships with government agencies, local educational institutions, and international non-governmental organizations
    3. Developing job-training programs for deaf youth and creating employment opportunities through partnership with local business owners and international corporations
    4. Building self-esteem among deaf children and youth through mentorship programs
    5. Providing deaf children and youth a chance to experience educational enrichment, life skills development, and physical wellness
    6. Conduct research aimed to develop Zambian educational materials to train future teachers for the Deaf.
  • Our Partners

    We strive to partner with leaders and organizations with values that compliment our work.


    Peace Corp




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