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  • Our Vision

    Giving Back To Community - Zambia (GBC-Zambia) is dedicated to improving the lives of deaf children in Zambia.


    We believe that the key to unlocking a deaf child’s future is acquiring language at the earliest age possible. GBC-Zambia works to promote culturally-based, community-engaged, and innovative approaches to advance the opportunities of deaf children and their families. GBC-Zambia works with the Zambian government and community organizations to support all Deaf children and their families in order to ensure they have access to high-quality education and community support to live their lives fully.



    One challenge for parents of Deaf and hard of hearing infants is to find accurate, research-based information to help their deaf infants gain access to language. During this critical period of their lives, parents need support and guidance as they make choices on how to raise their deaf child. GBC-Zambia works to help parents find answers to critical questions such as:

    • Where can I receive emotional support, especially right after the initial diagnosis is made?
    • Where can parents go for information about early learning, especially when it involves early language and literacy in both Zambian Sign Language (ZSL) and English.
    Did you know that:
    • 90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents.
    • 85% of those parents in development countries cannot communicate with their children in any meaningful way because of they can't learn how to sign.
    • Hearing parents are lost in a world feeling overwhelmed, drowning in conflicting information or sometimes no information at all. Just imagine how their deaf child must feel.
    • Deaf and Hard of hearing children grow up sitting at the table watching hearing parents and siblings talking and laughing and having fun.


  • Some Facts About Zambia


    Zambia Population (Unicef 2011)


    Zambians Under the Age 14

    (Unicef 2011)

    1.2 million

    Orphans in Zambia (Unicef 2011)

    49 years

    Life Expectancy in Zambia

    (Unicef 2011)


    Zambian government spends 2% of the GDP on education (UN)

    7 years

    The average child’s education in Zambia (CIA Factbook)



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