• Zambian National Deaf Leadership Summit

    August 7 - 10, 2018 Kitwe, Zambia

    New Projects Identified For GBCZ Support in the Future

  • Building Deaf Leaders In Zambia

    During our visit to Zambia in 2017, we learned that there is a definite shortage of Deaf Community leaders and very little coordination and cooperation between various Deaf Education projects and programs in the country.


    To address this need, GBCZ hosted a two-day National Deaf Leadership Summit in Kitwe, Zambia on August 7 to 8, 2018. The summit brought together Deaf program leaders from each of the 10 Provinces in Zambia. This Leadership Summit offered intensive leadership training and collaboration workshop opportunities for Zambia's Deaf Education leaders that were provided by GBCZ and other international organizations who will be included in the Summit.


    Several future projects were identified during the summit at at partnership building meetings held during our visit. During 2019, GBCZ will be collaborating on the development of Deaf teachers curriculum to be used in Zambian teacher training programs. GBCZ will also be exploring how to support the expansion of a Deaf school and the development of a Zambian Sign Language dictionary.


    All of these efforts are focused of giving a better future for the Deaf children of Zambia.


  • Photos From the Zambian Deaf Leadership Summit

    August, 2018

    Summit Participants

    Zambian Deaf Leadership Summit participants at their visit to the Jennifer Memorial Community Deaf school. Forty one participants showed up from organizations across Zambia to align and support Deaf leadership, education and opportunities.

    Opening Welcome

    Kitwe District Commissioner, Binwell Mbundu offers opening remarks at Zambian Deaf Leadership Summit


    Applause for presenters at Zambian Deaf Leadership Summit. 41 participants showed up from across Zambia to align and support Deaf leadership, education and opportunities.

    Building Partnerships

    GBCZ team meets Kitwe District Commissioner, Binwell Mbundu, in his office to discuss collaboration on a Deaf school and hospital


    Joel Gelburd presents on the expansive growth of American Sign Language (ASL) at Zambian Deaf Leadership Summit. ASL has grown dramatically since hearing people have learned the language in larger numbers, creating connection between hearing and Deaf people.

    New Projects For GBCZ

    Francis Phiri and GBCZ representatives met with ILO Regional Director Mr. Alexio Musindo to discuss collaboration on Deaf curriculum. This will be a major new project for GBCZ in the coming year.

    Our Focus: The Deaf Children of Zambia

    Students at Jennifer Memorial Community School for the Deaf.

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