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Our Work In Zambia Continues

Highlights of Winter 2017 Zambia Visit

Francis Phiri signs to Zambian Deaf leaders.

In December, our GBCZ Founder and his wife visited Zambia to reconnect with his family and to hold a series of meetings with education leaders and Deaf community leaders in the country. What Francis learned on this trip was that his memories of his childhood and the limited access that he had as a deaf child to educational opportunities was still the situation facing thousands of Deaf children in Zambia.

Francis met with Deaf education leaders and learned that there was a lack of coordination and cooperation between different programs and very limited opportunities for Deaf educators to collaborate and to learn from each other. Many of the Deaf educators who met with Francis felt that any efforts to upgrade professional development and learning opportunities for deaf educators would have direct benefits on improving overall educational opportunities for Deaf children in the country.

As a result of this trip to Zambia, Francis returned to the U.S. and immediately began plans to sponsor a Deaf Educatio Summit in Zambia in the summer of 2018. Through GBCZ, Francis believes that this Summit could be a catalyst to move Deaf education in Zambia a step forward.

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