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Gofundme Boosts Zambian Deaf Education Summit

Fundraising Passes $10,000 with $1,000 Donation From GoFundMe

Francis Phiri signs to GoFundMe CEO

What a honor to be able share my journey with GoFundMe Team. It was honor for me to be invited to give a presentation at the GoFundMe HQ and to meet CEO, Rob Solomon and his amazing team. I was surprised to receive this email earlier this summer extending the invitation to visit GoFundMe.

Hi Francis,

I am the office manager at GoFundMe and I am a part of the Gives Back program. GoFundMe's employees nominate campaigns that move them throughout each quarter, giving back to their users on a weekly basis in a program called Gives Back.

One of our employees selected your campaign which, as you know, received $1,000. Additionally, each quarter, GoFundMe offices host an employee Gives Back event where employees share the campaigns they've selected. We'd love to bring you onsite to share your experience with GoFundMe in fundraising to help support the deaf youth in Zambia.

If you are able to participate, we'd coordinate a time that works best for you to come to our office in Redwood City in June, meet some of the team, attend the Gives Back happy hour and share your experience.

Best of luck with everything!

In June, I visited the GoFundMe HQ and participated Q & A conversation with CEO Rob Solomon about my journey from having nothing in life to where I am today. There were a group of 30-40 employees there to watch me sign my story and hear it from my interpreter. I am sure that many of them have never been exposed to a Deaf person and the challenges that the Deaf have to communicate with the hearing world.

With the additional support from GoFundMe, our fundraising campaign for the Zambia Deaf Education Summit is doing well, we just broke the $10,000 mark thanks to many small and large donations from friends, educators and caring people who have heard about our work. Thank you to GoFundMe for this amazing support, your fundraising platform is truly and essential resource for non-profits seeking to help others in this world.

If you believe in in our mission too, we'd love to have your support. Every dollar or "share" means a lot! We are half way to go so please help us before the END of JULY 2018. Thank you for your support.

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